Memorial Day = Grilling Season

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 4:19:41 PM

With the weather warming up, more and more people spend time outdoors, especially on patios. During these summer days, we dream about grilling and lounging outside. Now that Memorial Day weekend is here, the unofficial grilling season begins. As is tradition, Americans celebrate the important federal holiday to honor the lives of those lost while serving the United States Armed Forces. The weekend also signifies the end of inconsistent spring weather and the start of warm weather perfect for outdoor gatherings. Start your outdoor season right with beautiful flowerbeds, comfortable patio furniture, and a grill that will feed the neighborhood.

A nice set of patio furniture will go a long way in entertaining your guests on Memorial Day and providing relaxation for the whole summer. Add chairs and a table or two, which will allow guests to comfortably sit and eat. Benches will allow more friends and family to gather around and umbrellas will protect them from the sun. However, no patio is complete without a grill to help feed everyone.

Whether you have a beautiful built in chef’s grill or a classic charcoal grill, safety should be considered. Do not allow anyone to approach and handle the hot grill. Keep all safety equipment nearby, including oven mitts, long tongs, and a fire extinguisher. Scrape the grill prior to use and make sure the grill is hot enough to naturally kill any bacteria. Keep all meats separate and wash your hands and dishes after handling any type of raw meat. Paying attention to safety will ensure that everyone remains healthy and can have a good time.

In addition to celebrating Memorial Day and the beginning of summer, May is also National Burger Month. All sorts of burgers, such as beef, turkey, and veggie, will be a hit on this 3-day weekend. Add some cut potatoes and skewers of vegetables to the grill and your party is ready to get started.

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