Outdoor Bars Make Entertaining a Breeze

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 4:43:58 PM

Those who love outdoor entertaining understand the significance of an easy transition from the kitchen to the patio. However, most people succumb to what the house already provides because of lack of space, vision, or resources. A handful of options exist to allow you to adapt your house and patio to enable easier outdoor entertaining. From adding a counter on the patio side of a window that faces the patio to installing a patio bar counter, having an outdoor bar makes entertaining on the patio easier.

Open The Kitchen To The Patio

A home’s heart resides in the kitchen, so making it accessible to the rest of the house creates a warm connection. Therefore, access between the kitchen and outdoor space is important. Adding a window or glass door will allow fresh air, natural light, and outdoor entertaining to your kitchen.

Window and door options are plentiful. Doors could be a traditional slider, quirky bright Dutch door, rustic barn doors, or modern garage doors.  As for the window, a sliding bi-fold window gives plenty of space and a modern, elegant touch. Pull-up or swinging windows are traditional options, while a window that slides up like a garage door or antique-themed windows that swing open put a quirky spin on the window. Click here to view ten ways to open the kitchen to the outdoors.

Creating an Outdoor Bar

A counter that extends from the kitchen to the patio via a window creates a serving bar. By extending the kitchen’s countertop all the way to the window, you can easily transfer plates of food or drinks, allowing you and guests to head outside for a snack or meal.  Using the same design as the kitchen countertop creates cohesive indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. Click here to view examples of beautiful indoor-outdoor bars.

Even if there is not a kitchen window facing the backyard, you can still add a bar counter. Use durable materials that can survive the elements, as well as hot dishes. Tile, wood, and cement are just a few possible materials. Make sure the counter is securely attached to the wall. Add a few stools and your patio is ready to host the party.

Another option is to build a free-standing bar that can easily be moved to suit your need. Have a bit of fun and use materials like bamboo or barn siding to create a tiki or rustic bar respectively. A bar that is part of an outdoor kitchen will bring the entire party outside. You can mingle as you prepare and grill the meal, without missing a beat. A swim-up bar next to the pool is an unconventional option that will have guests always RSVPing “Yes!”


Consider adding a few outdoor bar or counter height stools to the new patio counter. Now, friends and family can include the chef in the conversation. Stools come in varying heights: counter, bar, and spectator/stadium. Counter stools measure up to a standard counter of three feet, so these stools sit about two feet high. Bar stools sit about two and a half feet for higher counters. Spectator/stadium stools sit the highest, with the seat at three feet high. All stools may come with additional features such as a swiveling seat, adjustable height, a backrest, padded/cushioned seats, or footrests. Patio stools are a great way to add color, character, and flair to any home. For more information on how to select the best barstool for your space, see Selecting the Right Bar Stool on this infographic.

Finally, you are ready to entertain. Cool tools such as wine refrigerators and beer dispensers make your bar the best on the block. Be sure to have plenty of ice and your party has started.  Click here to see backyard bar gadgets and entertaining tips.

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