Waterfront Patio Furniture for Lake and Beach Houses

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 4:40:15 PM

With a stunning waterfront view, a lake or beach house should have an outdoor porch or deck to take advantage of that view. Consider these options for jazzing up your outdoor space to get the most of the waterfront view.

The best way to take in the view and embrace the outdoors is to add seating to the patio. Look for chairs that can easily be moved around to take advantage of shifting sunlight. Consider hanging a hammock for afternoon naps. Children may find joy in a swing or tree house. For a more traditional approach, look for a rocking chair or glider. Sofas provide plenty of seating at large family gatherings. Add your personal flair with the colors and fabrics you select or with accessories such as pillows or lanterns.

Set up an outdoor dining area overlooking the waterfront scenic view to encourage time outside. A simple picnic table with benches will suffice for a casual family affair, but a traditional matching table and chair set will bring a more formal feel. To truly embrace the natural surroundings, build the dining area into the hardscape by constructing a seating area of stone. Spruce up the dining area with further decorations such as umbrellas, plants, centerpieces, or a fire pit.

Bring some warmth to your patio with a fire pit. Lounging near a bed of water means that the climate can get chilly with the off-shore breeze. In addition to providing a source of heat, a fire pit can double as a source of light for nighttime gatherings or backyard camping. With a fire pit in your yard you do not have to travel all the way down to the lake or beach to make s’mores.

Water environments embody tough conditions for your outdoor furniture and fabrics. To protect furniture from the sun and salty air, apply a teak oil to teak outdoor furniture and use water-resistant sprays on fabrics frequently. Better yet, purchase pillows and cushions that have already been treated for mildew and water resistance. When not in use, outdoor furniture and cushions should be covered under a tarp or stored in a cupboard for the best protection.

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