9 Amazing Pool Deck Design Ideas

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 5:17:42 PM

A swimming pool adds value to any home, provides a fun activity for friends and family, and allows homeowners to extend their style to the yard. Ditch the traditional look and feel of a backyard pool by exhibiting your creative side and adding function and appeal to the pool deck.

Integrate Pool and Patio

If you spend a lot of time on your patio, why not include the swimming pool in the same space? When entertaining outdoors, keep swimmers and non-swimmers together by integrating the swimming pool with the patio. Include a counter at the edge of the pool or a swim-up bar that allows interaction between those in and out of the water.

Embrace the Split-Level

For those whose backyard resides on a hill, take advantage of the slope by adding decks of varying levels. Each deck level can define a space. One deck can have the pool, while another deck features an outdoor kitchen and dining table or crescent seating with a fire pit. Line the deck levels using plants or decorative fence to add your personal style.

Symmetry is Over-rated

Traditional pools are usually built in a symmetrical shape, such as a rectangle or circle. Make your pool stand out by creating a unique shape that suits your yard. A simple L-shape or an organic shape that contorts to the backyard are some options. Hotel and resort pools sometimes feature specially designed pools that look like a guitar or other object. Find inspiration in your favorite hobby to design a creative pool for your yard.

Spa Envy

A spa generates an entirely new function to the pool, because this space becomes useable in various climates. Some spas attach directly to the pool, while others stand apart from the pool. Wherever your spa resides, it should be incorporated into the deck for a cohesive look and ease of access.

Elevate Yourself

Who says a pool needs to go into the ground? An above-ground pool can function just as well as an in-ground pool. Add a new dimension of aesthetics to your patio by covering the walls of the pool with wood, stone, marble, or tile. These materials will add visual interest to the entire yard, coordinate with your home, and withstand any splashing.

Swim All-Natural

Be inspired by local vegetation and materials to shape the décor and style of your yard. Pools surrounded by concrete may appear dull and boring. Plants and rocks can add visual interest, shade, and a unique environment that lets you feel like you are on vacation without leaving your home. However, do not plant trees too close to the pool, for over time roots can crack the concrete and damage the pool and you will be constantly sweeping up leaves. Adding a parcel of sand that segues into the pool will create your own private beach. Just be sure to wipe your feet before going inside. A waterfall will certainly make your pool stand out from the neighbors’ pool. Other water features will help drown out noise and create a relaxing environment. So, be fearless and spruce up the pool surroundings with nature.


Lights inside or around the pool can make for a lush and brilliant setting for an outdoor patio and/or pool deck. Underwater lights provide the benefit of spreading light across the pool for nighttime swimming. They come in a range of colors, so you can use the pool lights to create a certain ambiance for any occasion. Lights around the pool deck may provide a brighter light source or be used to create a different ambiance. From lanterns to tiki torches to floating light globes there are many options to light up your pool space.


As a large part of your property, a pool deck represents a huge canvas that should reflect your style. Your pool deck can be as comfortable as a living room with some furniture and pillows. Create an intimate space near the pool, away from the patio, for another place to gather. Add your style in the form of plants, statues, lamps, or other décor items.

You can also put your stamp on décor by personalizing the pool. Select tiles to border the top of the pool. Decals or a painted scene can grace the bottom of the pool for visual interest. Even the cement used to create the pool can be a colored to complement your home.

And Action!

Your pool and pool deck can pull double duty as a sporting arena. A basketball hoop or volleyball net will prolong the pool-time fun all day long. On the edge of the pool, consider including a rock climbing wall or slide into the design. Other unique game options include a floating putting green and a floating card table. Of course, you could add a putting green or ping pong table to the deck. Whether in the water or on the deck, these games will keep you active and enjoying outdoors.


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