Designing Sunrooms and Patios

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 4:45:55 PM

Sunrooms, patios, and California Rooms allow for leisurely living outdoors with the warmth and comfort of the indoors. These spaces increase a house’s livable square footage with less construction costs than a fully furnished room. There are many items to consider when designing an outdoor room.

A sunroom or patio can double as a room with another purpose or function. Your sunroom can become a second living room, dining room, or gaming room. Durable outdoor furniture will look elegant and can mimic the interior’s décor, but will survive the casual environment and tougher conditions the outdoors present.

These outdoor rooms give you the opportunity to display your inner designer. Furniture in the sunroom or on the patio does not necessarily have to match the rest of the house, because it is a separate space. Based on the intended use of the space, you will need to decide on a theme before purchasing anything. Are you hanging curtains? Buying sectionals, sofas, tables, or ottomans? Lay out a floor plan and create a vision board to determine how each item will look within your sunroom or patio. Do not forget about flooring. Flooring should be durable to handle wet footprints and high traffic. Tile or cement with area rugs is a common selection.

As a part of your home, the sunroom or patio should feel just as comfortable. Most sunrooms and patios do not come with temperature regulation, making the room unbearably warm during the day or cold during the night. Installing a ceiling fan to keep the room cool or a fireplace to keep the room warm will help maintain the desirable temperature. To control incoming sunlight, hang some blinds or shades to manage sunlight and add privacy from peeking neighbors.

When designing your outdoor space, remember to have fun. This space is meant to be casual and a gathering place for friends and family. Therefore, comfort, durability and a bit of whimsy are a must!

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