Concrete Tables: A Solid Choice for Indoor or Outdoor

Posted by Tropitone on Feb 4, 2020 9:53:43 AM

It wasn’t too long ago when concrete was relegated to just sidewalks, basements, warehouses, and industrial settings. Over the past few years, the design industry has shined a new light on this functional material, bringing it into commercial and residential spaces as everything from flooring, sinks, counter tops, and table tops. Its raw character, beauty and versatility are undeniable, making it a favorite of designers, architects and homeowners. Concrete’s popularity is surging, making it almost impossible to flip through a design magazine, website or walk into a home furnishings store without seeing countless ideas on how to incorporate it indoors and out. On its own, concrete tends to be cold and industrial – but its hardness and clean lines take on new life when paired with contrasting textured materials like wood and fabric, and it effortlessly blends with nature outdoors. It possesses a “wow” factor that inevitably attracts attention and starts conversations.

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Topics: concrete table, outdoor dining