Fine-Tune Your Outdoor Experience with Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Oct 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Have you completed your outdoor space or is something still missing? While outdoor seating and tables are the pivotal components of your outdoor symphony, sometimes accessories are needed to complete the entire performance. Here are a few suggestions for that extra touch that can fine-tune your backyard ensemble. 

Compose a More Comfortable Environment

Jazz up your outdoor experience with accessories that complement and enhance your furniture. For a more comfortable outdoor space, add coordinating plush throw pillows to really make family and guests instantly at ease.

To stay comfortable in the afternoon sun, try adding a Basta Sole® Umbrella. Tropitone’s umbrellas help moderate the temperature, keeping you cool on hot days. Also, consider adding heaters or fire pits to keep guests warm as the nights cool down.

Tropitone Armrest Covers are a simple way to make your Tropitone Outdoor Furniture more comfortable. Adding armrest covers keeps your hands and arms from burning in the hot summer sun or freezing on cooler winter evenings. Those that live in more extreme climates will greatly appreciate this added comfort.

Revel in the Rhythm

Outdoor accessories can make entertaining a breeze. Items ranging from serving carts to outdoor-ready (and unbreakable) tableware will help you keep your groove between host duties and enjoying the party. Consider adding a serving cart for a place to house drinks, plates or utensils for guests. Even the resourceful waste receptacle doesn’t need to steal the spotlight, but you’ll be glad to have one near. Tropitone’s Banchetto Bench is a great way to add extra seating without requiring a lot of storage space.

Add Audible Accents

What’s that sound? It’s only the wind or the neighbor’s barking dog, that is until you add your own ambient sounds. Cheerful wind chimes made of metal, glass, shells, wood or bamboo add a soothing sound. Water features, while visually beautiful, also provide the pleasant rumblings of a stream or brook. If the sounds of nature are not your cup of tea, then hook up surround sound that connects to an outdoor stereo or television. Music can change the vibe for any outdoor soiree you host.

Next time you prepare for an outdoor bash, plan on adding some accompaniments. Complete your outdoor ensemble and enjoy the experience more fully by adding the perfect accents to your outdoor patio.


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