How to Create a Rustic Patio

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 4:47:29 PM

Nothing says winter like a warm log cabin on a snowy day. For a select few, however, a log cabin is a daily dream. This unique architecture requires a rustic style of furniture and décor.

Thick wood beams and large stones in grey and brown hues are the signature architectural elements in creating a rustic setting. Wood, steel, wicker, and durable fabrics are common materials used. Whether the porch is open or enclosed, create a patio that embraces the rustic design.

Furniture should mimic the simple, sturdy lines of the architecture. Wicker furniture or Tropitone’s Evo Collection are excellent woven options that will add warmth and texture. Lakeside or Kenzo Collections offer the straight, thick frames that suit this environment. Because these collections come in woven, sling, and cushion groups, you can mix and match textures with one cohesive set.

Bright or patterned fabrics will create a more welcoming space, while neutral fabrics naturally create a cohesive setting between home and the mountain or forest. Accessorize with candles or a fire pit to bring warmth on a cold day. However, the best accessory is your scenic view. Build your cabin’s patio to take advantage of the passing sunlight and the beautiful nature around you.

Topics: Outdoor Life and Style