5 Ways to Make Your Patio Unique

Posted by Jennifer Morse on Feb 3, 2017 5:18:36 PM

The patio is not just a place to grill, it is an extension of your home. Make your stamp on the patio, just as you did indoors, and proudly claim your unique outdoor space. Your location, personal style, and budget affect how you make your patio your own, but these areas are where your designs will make your biggest statement.

  1. To Cover or Not to Cover?

When constructing a patio, always consider seasonal climates and weather changes. A simple umbrella not only blocks the sun’s rays, but can also add a dose of your favorite color. If you require more cover, a patio roof will definitely protect the patio from the environment. Cover options include awnings, a wooden pergola, or aluminum and tin.

  1. Light Up the Night

Outdoor lighting represents another method for you to exhibit your creativity and style. Illuminate your patio with lights or fire. Lights can provide a rustic, antique look or they can impart a fun, urban appearance. For a tropical stage, tiki torches are a must. Candles will not only provide light, but could also provide bug repellence and create a romantic ambiance. For a more natural feel, consider a fire pit, which will provide heat during cooler weather.

  1. A Room with a View

Whether your view is of the ocean or a forest, install patio decks that overlook the scenic views.  Plant low shrubs or flowers to make sure your view is never hidden. If your outdoor room does not have a natural scene, embrace nature and spruce up the patio with some colorful flowers that reflect your style. Consider planting your own renewable vegetable garden or adding pots of succulents to create a modern, urban or desert oasis.

  1. Cook Up a Party

While you may have a grill in your backyard, do you have the perfect patio for outdoor entertaining? Build an expanded outdoor kitchen with burners, stoves, sinks, refrigerator and maybe even a pizza oven. Offer plenty of seating for your guests in the form of dining chairs, outdoor sofas, benches, or moveable stools. Your flair will be displayed in the materials and colors used to create the entertaining space. Investing in an outdoor kitchen and dining set will certainly keep you spending more time outdoors.

  1. Comfort

The easiest way to ensure a unique patio, is to design your patio with comfort in mind. Bring the comforts of indoors outside by placing a television and speakers outside for an outdoor theater experience or adding an outlet so you can get some work done on your laptop. For eclectic comfort, install a swing or hammock. Use special outdoor pillows that are weather-resistant to add extra comfort. Never pass up on the chance to enjoy your outdoor patio as much as your home’s interior.

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