Outdoor Fabrics: Bringing in the Best

Posted by Tropitone on May 3, 2021 2:21:36 PM

Creating an outdoor space in the fresh air where you can spend time relaxing, playing and working is easy when you choose furniture with the right fabrics to match your lifestyle. For 2021, Tropitone is proud to introduce the new Batyline Elios outdoor fabric series, created by Serge Ferrari, that can be used for almost anything on your patio that requires fabric—sling, padded sling, cushions, and even shade products. Its versatility is unmatched and it’s acclaimed by users for its unique level of softness, beauty and durability.


Outdoor fabric that can withstand the rigors of daily life are a must. With Batyline Elios, beauty and durability go hand in hand. This performance-oriented fabric is designed with exceptional abrasion resistance, which means it can withstand years of wear and tear. It’s also UV and mold/mildew resistant to make it last and look good even when exposed to the harsh sun and damp weather. Batyline Elios is incredibly easy to maintain—the most stubborn stains like red wine, sunscreen, chocolate, mustard and ketchup can be easily removed using soapy water and a cloth. It’s even phthalates-free, guaranteeing a healthy experience.

Softness is one of the most sought after features of high-end outdoor fabrics. People want something that feels soft to the touch just like indoor fabric, and is comfortable enough to curl up on to relax with a good book. Batyline Elios is a winner on all fronts, as its patented weave with textured yarn brings a welcoming, long-lasting softness that naturally invites you to spend hours relaxing and enjoying the outdoors in pure comfort. 

Carmel, Ladybug, Bluejay, Birch, Dark Night—all these on-trend colors (and more) bring Batyline Elios fabrics to life in your outdoor space. Each of the 10 colors in the series is designed to seamlessly harmonize with any decor—creating a look that is both fresh and timeless. The fabric texture is reminiscent of a tweed mens suit, which adds a modern elegance that elevates the ambiance of your space. Color is the element that visually unites an outdoor setting, and this fabulous fabric doesn’t disappoint.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the ways that Batyline Elios can be incorporated into the decor of your favorite outdoor spot. Its durability, functionality and style make it the ideal choice for everything from sofas, chairs and ottomans to throw pillows and umbrellas. It can be used anywhere—by the pool, on your deck or next to an outdoor fireplace—to create an enduring, useable environment. If you’re looking to create an outdoor living space that rivals the sophistication, beauty and comfort of any room inside your home, Batyline Elios is the luxurious fabric that will make it happen.


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